How do I create my own Branded company profile

Selecting Company menu item from the left,  will take you to the company dashboard page. From there you can click on “Begin now” at the bottom of the page and start creating your branded company profile.

Selecting the "Start now" button will take you to the page of creating your Branded company profile.

In the About the company field you can add the description of your company by formatting the text with the corresponding options from the panel as well as enriching it with images and embedded video.

You can add a cover image, with extra virtual charge, and make your Branded profile more attractive to candidates.

Finally, you can create extra content and enhance your image by adding corporate tabs by clicking the corresponding button.

You can add, with an extra charge, up to three tabs by clicking on the "Add" button for each extra tab.

In each tab you can delete it and fill in the corresponding text with the ability to format and enrich the content with images and embedded video using the options in the panel.

By clicking “Next” the page will be automatically saved.

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